Master Mind Art & Design UPDATE 2018: BUILDING The Mobile Studio Caravan - Adventures In Constructing Large-Scale Functional Art

Currently, in the studio/workshop, there is an ongoing assemblage of the parts and particles of a MOBILE (and Functional) Art project which will hit the "road" as soon as it reaches a crescendo of Balance and (stability) in FORM and FUNCTION. 

MORE  uploads of what has been done over the last few months, and photographed along the way are pending organization and upload.  
There is so many FUN thing to DO in this avenue of Creativity for me - it's almost hard to know which to do first.  

But, the process will be documented and THEN will CONTINUE when the Journey of SEEing and Sharing out in unfamiliar Communities rolls out along the road. 

Postings from conception drawings, to building the trailer bed, to adding all of the custom designs as they are Up on the workbench in some sort of LOGICAL order will document the process of INdependent/Inter-Dependent contributions to intending a New Time community meet and greet, and because of Who I AM, will probably interest mostly single Women who crave adventure and a change of scenery in Natural Creative Flow.   

There are no "blue-prints" to follow for this scupture, only some loose and some firm prferences of fuctionality, and Style for traveling to Tiny Home, Art, etc,  Festivals sharing construction HOW-TO's and other Creative Expressions. 

The original thought on this mobile unit was to multi-task the caravan for Publishing, Craft, and traveling Community Service workshops along the Way as a means of VALUE EXCHANGE for sustaining the costs of ground travel expenses, and material maintenance. 

Not sure how that will all work out at the moment, but, 
Love Participations via DONATIONS to the Art Project for materials and such, are Deeply Appreciated and recycled INto the Adventure Project for further sharing. 

There is only IN-spiration in each step of construction here.  
The by-line of the FUN of MASTER MIND ART & DESIGN Studios IS: 
We Make It Up As We Go.  

I'm almost ready to organize and begin sharing the processes and  strengthening sense of Wonder-ment and anticipation of the Next.  


MANY Thanks to All for your patient support in this reality shifting process. 

Things are finally begin to roll out here in action.  Events are booking, and new artworks are being born and established works are continuing to morph.  

Look for Master Mind Art and Design on [FB for updates] ,  featured artists, interesting creations, as well as upcoming Master Mind Art & Design events and shows.  

AND, of course you can visit right here for online gallery updates, and announcement in between. 
A calendar for private & community events, and workshops to be posted again very soon.  

All of my online Portals will be more fully connected asap.
  Additional links below.   

[ "#11" ; Carmelle Migliore;  mixed media collage;  Numbers In Time collage series)

In the Master Mind Creative Parties and Workshops, (link below) ,there is an opportunity to open and practice 

("Faith"; Carmelle Migliore; prints available)

 Artist, Carmelle Migliore, admin for Master Mind Art & Design Studios offering Creative programs for Adults that incorporate both Creative expression via an artwork, with an additional Mind EXPANDING experience built into the participant's artwork by the participant.  

Dates for Fall and Winter events and parties are currently open.  

contact Me here via comments, or (here), via message.

  1. (Seguire la Goia; Carmelle Migliore; Mixed media on paper; 2014)